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For each rented tent one euro goes to
the fundraising organisation Viva con Agua.

Why do we support Viva con Agua?

We the ready to rock team as well as the guys from Viva con Agua share the opinion that the cause to provide poor countries with clean drinking water needs more support. Water means life! That’s reason enough for Viva con Agua to raise funds for drinking water supply projects for the World Hunger Relief organization because everyone needs clean water - everywhere.

Especially we like that Viva con Aqua sees itself as an open network where everyone can participate. Viva con Agua provides a platform for personal initiative and commitment and supports everyone to implement their own ideas for world more social.

Viva con Agua is the worlds first All-Profit-Organisation which means everyone benefits from every action including visitors, artists, organizers of Viva con Agua events as well as the initiative itself and especially the people in the individual project areas.

A large part of the donations received by Viva con Agua are generated through various cultural and sporting events which include concerts (that is how we met them), parties, lectures, exhibitions as well as charity runs, charity soccer matches and many more activities.

We - the ready to rock team and Viva con Aqua - think that it’s possible to have fun and be helping a serious cause at the same time and that’s the reason why we want to fight for this goals and encourage you to fight with us. This is how we can make positive changes through social commitment and momentum in the right direction.

You’ll find more information about Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. at

Your ready to rock team
Sandra and Martin


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