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What service does ready to rock offer?

We will rent camping tents and accessories (such as camping chairs, tables, mattresses) at open air festivals to you. We will have your tent pre-pitched and take care of all the necessary assembly before your arrival. Therefor we’re provided by the festival organizers with a separate area on the camping ground for this purpose which is centrally located between all important locations (stages, restrooms, foodcourts etc.). At some festivals we also offer own toilets and the opportunity to order drinks - you will find these additional offers in the category "accessories".

All rented items except tents and toilets however can be also picked up at our service tent and be used by you at the location of your choice.

You can freely choose the date and time of your arrival. You don’t need to queue up for the camp site opening to get a decent spot for your tent. You don’t even need to bring a tent nor do you have take care of transport and assembly/disassembly of the equipment. When you want to leave just give our service team a short notice and we’ll take care of the disassembly while you’re already on your way home.

That’s how you are READY TO ROCK at your festvial.

So, how much is it?

For as low as € 28 (depending on festival and date of booking) you can spend the whole festival in one of our tents and you don’t even have to bother with all the inconvient rest like assembly/disassembly. The prices in our online shop are always for the whole duration of the festival wether it’s a two day or four day festival and wether you use our equipment two or even four days. All prices are including tax (vat).

The important part though is that all of our equipment has to be present and undamaged at your departure. That’s the reason why we need a security deposit for all rent items which will be immediately transferred back to you after you returned all items in proper fashion. The amount of the security deposit varies from product to product and is listed next to each item on our page.

We can tell from our experience that 95% of the items are returned properly and without objection so the full amount of the security deposit will be paid back. Because everything we rent is only AAA quality and stability. We know what festival equipment has to withstand.

NOTICE: The festival ticket is not included (as well as camping fees, garbage deposit or other fees of the organizer). In exceptional cases we clearly indicate otherwise.


How is the booking process?

First of all you should choose a specific festival in the category “festivals” for which you want to rent a tent or the accessories. Then you can look at the available equipment and prices in the four subcategories “tents”, “furniture”, “sleeping gear”, “accessories”. When you made your choice add the item to the shopping cart. When you got everything you need in your shopping cart just go to the “checkout” to finish your order. You can pay via credit card, paypal or transfer the money into our bank account. If you pay via money transfer it’s important that the amount of money for the rent and the security deposit is in our bank account within 14 calendar days after booking, but not later than four working days prior to the start of the festival. Immediately after the clearance of your payment we’ll send you the “ready-to-rock” booking confirmation.

If you arrived on our page directly through a festival website (e.g. through our banner ad) the festival of your choice will be automatically selected and you’re instantly ready to add your items into the shopping cart.


Where will tents be located?

We have access to our own area on the festival camping site which will always be centrally located between the most important places like the stages, restrooms or foodcourts. All of our rented out tents as well as our service tent which will be staffed 24hrs will be in this area which provides for a ideal camping experience and more security - because this place will be mostly frequented just by other tenants and our service team is always nearby.

If you want to camp somewhere else then let us know in advance (e.g. via eMail containing your booking number) and you can pick up all of your ordered equipment at our service tent and haul it to your spot. Before you leave you just bring everything back to us and that’s it. NOTICE: tents and toilets are usually excluded from this service - please check with us before booking.


What should I do when I arrive?

Simply go to our service tent which is not missable on our camping site. Normally our area is also marked in the festival map. Additionally you receive an eMail with a description and a hotline number a few days before the festival.

Arrived at our service tent you register with your name or booking number and you’ll be shown your tent and/or be given your rented items.

If you have any futher question please check our FAQ
or feel free to contact us directly for individual questions


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