You have questions? Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions:


Will I get my security deposit back if a hurricane happens to blow my tent away?
Yes, this is a very unpleasant scenario and hopefully this will never happen, but if it does, you will be refunded with your full security deposit.

Where can I check-in when I first arrive?
You will be able to find us quite easily. In the areas (which will be communicated along with the festival info on our webpage) where we will be located, you can find us at the check-in desk or the tent with our nice and bright “ready to rock” flag.

Do I need to bring a printout of the booking confirmation? Anything else?
Yes, please bring your booking confirmation. This will save a lot of time and you can check into your pre-pitched tent much sooner.

Where can I park my car?
In most cases we are located in an exclusive area WITHOUT parking. If not stated otherwise, you will have to use the parking areas suggested by the festival organizers.

I have an appointed time for check out! But now I have decided differently. What happens if I want leave early?
This is not a big deal - just check with the “ready to rock” crew. They will provide you with a new check out time, so you will be able to leave whenever you want.

When can I first check in?
You will be able to check in anytime during the official opening hours of the camping ground set by the organizers themselves. We do not have any influence on different
opening hours of the camping grounds.

When do I have to check out at the latest?
The last time for check out is one hour before the official closing time of the camping ground.

Can I bring my pets?
No animals; neither dogs nor cats or even your ferret should be at the festival site. We firmly believe that this is not a good place for your animals as it will be too stressful for them, so please ask your family and friends to take care of your animals while you are away.

Can my friend visit me at the “ready to rock” tent area?
Depending on the security level of the area this may be a possibility. Please ask the “ready to rock” crew at your site if it is possible.

Can I take my tent to a different area of the festival camping site at Wacken?
Unfortunately not, since we have an assigned camping area for our guests at Wacken Open Air (which is on camping ground B) and we will set up the tents and all the camping equipment before you arrive, and so it will be a "no worries" festival experience for you. Afterwards we will take down the camping equipment for our guests. We will also be around during the festival, so should you need us we will be there for you.

Has anybody not been refunded his / her security deposit?
There is a security deposit for every single product we have. Until today we have not had any problems; our guests were all satisfied and happy. We were always able to refund the complete deposit. Usually the payment goes back to the account it was paid from (so     if you are using paypal for example, it will be refunded through paypal). But in some cases (very rarely though, for different and various reasons) this is not possible. We therefore ask for your bank account information; in this case the security deposit will be go right back into your bank account.

Is there someone I can call if I can’t find the camping site at the festival ground?
Sure! Just call +49.163 78 15 173 and someone will be right there to help you.


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